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What if we decided to finally and fully pay attention to our bodies -- what they really need, and what they really want? And what would happen if we met those needs in a variety of ways, other than strictly with food?

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“Famished: 52 Ingredients Your Body is Really Starving For” explores the idea that what you may actually be starving for doesn’t come on a plate. Could your “hunger pains” be caused by a lack of ingredients such as adventure, compassion, focus, joy, generosity, and irreverence? Join Linda on a journey to discover the best possible ways to finally feed and fully satisfy your body, mind, and soul!

3 Pillars of

Inspired Wellness:

1.Health and wholeness are the natural state of the body and mind. 
2.All things are created spiritually before they are created physically.
3.Love is the foundation of all healing.

I believe in feeding the spirit first, which naturally leads to nourishing the body in a healthy way. I believe that no good change ever comes from hate - we have to love our bodies as they are before they can begin to heal.  I believe that the body can heal itself with a little loving help from us and Mother Nature.  ~ Linda Bastian Barney

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People Talk

"Having Linda as a health coach has allowed me to enjoy my entire life more, even though the stresses of everday living and working have not changed.  I look forward to using the techniques learned in my group class and continuing to learn and build on this new foundation." Cara T.

"I HIGHLY recommend Linda as a Holistic Health Coach, as her skills and insights have helped me to see the bigger picture and to make the necessary changes with ease, grace and support.   I have a very busy life, and the support and suggestions have been easier than I could have imagined.  So worth it!"

Nicole W.


Linda Barney





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