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You stare into the refrigerator with a blank look on your face. You’re hungry, starving – famished -- but you don’t know what for. There’s an emptiness inside of you, and you want to fill it, but with what? Nothing looks good. Nothing sounds good. Nothing that is staring back at you from inside that refrigerator or pantry seems like it will satisfy you. So, are you really hungry, or is something else going on? 

Could your “hunger pains” be caused by a lack of ingredients such as adventure, compassion, focus, joy, generosity, and irreverence? Join Linda on a journey to discover the best possible ways to finally feed and fully satisfy your body, mind, and soul!

Ebook only $3.99
Habits That Heal

Habits That Heal offers simple solutions, easy-to-implement advice, and inspired affirmations to help you reach your wellness goals.

An eye-opening guide on health


Benefits of gratitude


How to listen to your body


How to release anxiety and stress


Why loving yourself is crucial to your health

“I truly believe this book is a must-have for everyone -- especially busy moms!”

Amie Olsen, Amazon reviewer


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