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I spent years of my life hating my body and wishing it could be different than it was.  I learned the hard way that changing my perception of my body and giving it love instead of hate was the way to healing.


In my coaching practice, my goal is to help you learn to love and accept your body just as it is, and to practice gratitude for this wonderful gift from our creator.  I will teach you how to implement gradual changes and establish simple, daily habits that will bring about the vitality, health, and joy that you and your body are longing for.


No good change ever comes from hate.  We can only bring about good changes in our bodies when we treat them with love, gratitude, and respect.  If you hate your body or any part of it, this may be why you are stuck and can't move forward to better health.  Let me show you how to connect with the wisdom of your body and enjoy the healthy, active life you crave.

Individual and group coaching available.  

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