"Linda is an amazing health coach.  She helps me to set goals that are realistic for myself and my life.  She is very positive and reinforcing with you.  She teaches in such a gentle and loving way that life changes are easier and possible."

Kristie T.


"I have been working with Linda for the past several months.  It has been the greatest experience. 

We all think we will take time to get to the things we want to work on, but if you're like me, that never seems to happen.

Linda has been a great health coach as has helped me focus, given wonderful direction and has been a cheerleader as I have worked on some things.  She has such good suggestions and very helpful, useable information.

We have focused on things that I want to be better at; relationships, cooking more at home, and getting healthier are a few.  Linda has been on my journey with me and I can't begin to tell you how awesome she is.  Her calming influence has been a gift for me.  I have come a long way and it feels good to think about how I can become a better person and concentrate on those things.  I'm so glad I have been on this journey and I have Linda to thank for helping me get it done."

Becky M.


"I was at a point in my life where it was time for a change.  I was in a rut and it was time to open my mind to something new that would help me increase the quality of my overall health and energy.  Which is when I approached Linda, she is an amazing person who is truly interested in helping you achieve your goals and providing you with the knowledge and ability to lead your life in a strong and healthy way! 

After completing this coaching program, I now have the skills, ability, and knowledge that will allow me to finally master my body instead of having my body master me!  It feels nice to be in control and aware!

This program has altered my life.  Linda Barney is an amazing health coach that offers real life solutions that produce LASTING change!"

Brandon V.


"Before attending Linda's class on skin care, I had never put much thought to what was actually in the products I was using.  I had been battling skin issues for almost three years, and a week after the class, and after switching all of my products to organic, my skin issues were GONE!  It completely changed my life and how I feel!  Myself, along with my family now use organic products, and I've never looked back :) It has also inspired me to look at other aspects of my life as well!  My cleaning products and a lot of the food I eat are now organic as well.  Thank you Linda!"

April B.





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