October 25, 2017

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Why Do We Focus On All The Things We CAN'T Do (Instead of What We Can)?

November 1, 2018

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Interview with The Food Mood Girl Lindsey Smith

November 2, 2015

 As a wellness entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with some amazing people.  It never ceases to astonish me how much I have learned from my peers, coaches and mentors these past few years.  In an attempt to convey a portion of my gratitude, I will occasionally be posting interviews with some of these awesome health gurus so that hopefully you can learn from them as well!  First up is my friend, mentor, and writing coach, Lindsey Smith.


Lindsey Smith, known as the Food Mood Girl, is a nationally recognized author, health coach, dynamic speaker, and wellness icon devoted to helping everyone live a more vibrant life through self-love and healthy choices.


Author of “Junk Foods & Junk Moods,” “Hear Me Roar,” and “Food Guilt No More,” Lindsey believes in a holistic approach to health. That a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy spirit are the key ingredients to a happy life.


Lindsey has been featured on the Lisa Oz Show, MindBodyGreen, CBS News, and in Girl’s Lifemagazine, and is a regular fixture in the media in her native Pittsburgh. For more information, visit www.FoodMoodGirl.com.


Q: What is your personal health philosophy?


A:  I believe that every body is uniquely different, and it is important to refrain from judgment and have compassion on those who are on the journey to understanding their body.


Q:  If you could only give one piece of health advice, what would it be?


A:  Eat and cook with love.


Q:  What are 3 foods you absolutely can't live without?


A: This is a hard one because I feel like it changes daily, so today I would have to say almond butter, root veggies, and chocolate!


Q:  When you want to indulge, which food is your favorite?


A:  My favorite indulgence is a brownie.


Q:  What did you have for breakfast today?


A:  A green smoothie. (So typical, I know!)  I have also been making mini quiches this week.


Q:  What kind of exercise program do you follow?


A:  I love yoga and walking.


Q:  What's your beauty routine?


A:  I keep it pretty simple.  For my teeth:  I use Magic Mud, which is mainly activitated charcoal along with coconut oil and tea tree oil.

Skincare:  I keep it super simple with water as my make-up remover and a sugar scrub.  I apply a hydrating lotion afterwards.

Make-up:  I use organic make-up and keep it light and simple.

Hair:  I switch up my shampoo every few months, but I typically only wash it every few days with homemade dry shampoo in-between.  I use natural and organic shampoo products with a spray on coconut base conditioner.  I also do not dye my hair and I normally let it air dry.

Deodorant:  I use natural deodorant that is paraben free and does not contain aluminum.


Q:  Do you meditate?


A:  Yes, but not in the way mainstream thinks about meditating.  Most people tend to think you go and sit on a rock somewhere, close your eyes, and don't think for an hour.  I tend to practice meditation in my everyday basis and interactions.  It's a good skill to learn young so you can incorporate it during even a busy life.


Q:  What's your favorite natural remedy?


A:  I'm really big into my Magic Mud toothpaste right now.  I also love Apple Cider Vinegar and garlic cloves when I feel like I am coming down with something.


Q:  How do you maintain a focus on health while being a busy entrepreneur?


A:  Since most of my work is about health and wellness, I find that I have to put it first or everything else suffers.  I make "me time" a priority and I am always trying to re-lookat the areas that drain me and how I can change it.


Q:  What are your top 3 health tips?


A:  1.  Think good thoughts.

2.  Listen to your body.

3.  Love yourself. (and repeat)


Q:  What first sparked your interest in health and nutrition?


A:  My own personal experience of overcoming childhood anxiety.  I was diagnosed at age 12 and had my first panic attack in 5th grade.  At a young age, I became interested in healing myself and I started working with a naturopath.  By middle school, I was a completely different person, having learned how to properly cope with my anxiety.  I guess you can say, the rest is history.


Q:  Who has been your biggest inspiration?


A:  My followers and friends.  I see reflections of myself in them and they keep me doing this work.



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