October 25, 2017

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November 1, 2018

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Mindful Meditative Mama's Group

September 4, 2016

Hello my dear friends! 


Many of my friends and clients have reached out to me asking for help with learning to meditate properly. Those of you who have read my book, or had sessions with me know that a daily meditation practice is absolutely crucial to total body wellness. But getting started with meditation can be extremely intimidating! Trust me, I’ve been there.  


That’s why starting on September 6th I am offering a month-long group meditation course! This low key, low time commitment course will include 5 different types of meditation. I’ll give an introduction to each, and then we will give it a try together in my home! Don’t worry --  its not a huge time commitment! We will meet once a week for about 25 minutes to cover each type of meditation. Then you will have all week to practice on your own, and come back to report. 


It is my hope that by the end of the month you will all have found a meditation practice that’s right for you. The bottom line for me is: Meditation has changed my life and health forever and my goal is to spread its power to my friends and loved ones. 


If you would like to sign up for the course, or have any additional questions shoot me an email at Lindabarney25@gmail.com.




Time Commitment?

-Once a week for 25 minutes. We will meet Tuesday nights at 9 p.m., except for the last week when we will meet on Tuesday and Thursday.


What do you mean "Types of Meditation?" 

-To ensure you find what is right for you and your spiritual practice we will explore the following types of meditation:


Mindfulness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

Mantra Meditation


Is this sacrilegious? 

On the contrary, a daily meditation practice will bring you closer to your higher power, and connect you to your body on a deep level. It can only enhance your personal beliefs. 


How much Does it Cost?

I’m choosing the low rate of $25 because this is my first time teaching a group meditation course. I’m a beginner at this and need practice! 


Space is limited, so if you want to join, let me know ASAP! And feel free to email or text me with any additional questions!


Also, if you know anyone you would like to invite to join us, feel free!  I tried not to leave anyone out, but I  may not have email addresses for some people.  :)


All the best,



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