October 25, 2017

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Why Do We Focus On All The Things We CAN'T Do (Instead of What We Can)?

November 1, 2018

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My Morning Saging & Meditation Ritual

August 15, 2017

I thought I would share about some of my morning rituals, in particular, my saging and meditation ritual.  A ritual differs from a routine, in that it gives us assurance that our highest ideals and beliefs are being honored and recognized.  Rituals help us stay true to those things we hold most dear, and guide us as we pay tribute to our higher power and our higher selves.  


A routine, on the other hand, is something we do consistently in order to see results or to reach a goal.  A ritual can be part of a routine, as this ritual is for me.  I try to do it every morning to set a peaceful tone to my day.  


I hope this video inspires you to start or deepen a ritual of your own!





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