October 25, 2017

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November 1, 2018

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Home Energy Meditation

March 6, 2018

 This is an active meditation that will help you clear unwanted or "negative" energy from your home environment.  In most cases, there is no "negative" energy, but simply energy that is no longer needed.  Try not to place judgment on it by labeling it or making it "bad".  Set aside at least 30 minutes for this meditation.  (It helps if you can start with a freshly cleaned, uncluttered space if possible.)


1.  Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes.


2.  Turn on some soft, soothing music.


3.  Begin walking slowly through each room in your home.  Focus on your breathing and your steps.  With each step you take, feel more connected to your body and your living environment.


4.  After walking through the entire space, go room by room, focusing on the energy of each room.  In every room ask:  "What is the energy of this room?"  Wait for words to come into your mind - don't try to force it.  Don't attach judgment.  Just allow each space to communicate its energy to you.


Then ask:  "What needs to be removed from this space?"  Possible answers may be stagnant energy, physical clutter, tension left over from an argument, or painful memories.


Now ask:  "What needs to be added to this space?"  Would the room benefit from more light, fresh air, love, organization, kindness, etc?


5.  Make a mental note, or carry a notebook and write down the impressions that come to you.


6.  Continue walking through each room and assessing the energy until your timer goes off.  


7.  Smudge any or all of the rooms where you sensed the unwanted energy.  Smudging is an ancient ritual that was originally performed by native american and other healers to clear out old, stagnant energy that is no longer useful or helpful.  You can be as elaborate or simple with it as you like, but the most basic way is to light one end of a sage bundle and distribute the smoke throughout the room with the intention of releasing the unwanted energy.  You may say out loud or in your mind:  "I release all energy that is no longer needed.  I allow all toxic emotions and feelings to leave now, leaving room for only love, light, peace, and compassion."  


8.  Schedule or write down when you will take care of any cleaning, organizing, or decluttering you wrote down during your meditation.


9.  You can repeat this meditation as often as you feel it is needed.  Once a month would be a good rule of thumb, as our homes tend to be the place where much of our emotion is released.  Always smudge your home after an argument or heated discussion to ensure those energies don't hang around afterwards.  


Paying attention to the energy of our homes can help us feel happier and more at ease, and clearing out stagnant or unwanted energy creates a more harmonious living environment for our families and  loved ones.  


Happy meditating!



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