October 25, 2017

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Why Do We Focus On All The Things We CAN'T Do (Instead of What We Can)?

November 1, 2018

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Making Peace With Emotions

April 6, 2018


We can often think of emotions as something big and scary that have power over us.  It's as if they are bullies that steal our lunch, push us down on the playground, and leave us whimpering in the corner.  But in reality, emotions are much more like small children who are just looking for a little bit of love, understanding, and a safe place where they can be heard.  Try viewing emotions this way, and see what a difference it makes.  The following are a few thoughts I had recently after a meditation focusing on emotions.




Hello Sadness.  I see you there.  I won't push you away.  Come in and sit with me.  You have every right to be here.  I honor you because you teach me to be compassionate and kind.  You soften my heart.  Thank you for all the lessons you've taught me.  I am the space that contains you and all other emotion energies.  I am big enough to hold you and take care of you.




Anger is here also.  She wants to remind me how strong she is.  She is my oldest and most willful child.  I see you, Anger.  I acknowledge your strength, and I understand why you're here.  You have always only wanted to protect me.  You've endured so much, and you've always tried to remain strong for me.  Know that I love you for that.  Know that I am the space that contains you, and I'm big enough to hold you and care for you.  You can rest now.  Nothing can hurt us.




Everything is okay just as it is.  Nothing is wrong.  Living and dying are happening right now.  All around me, life and death co-exist simultaneously.  Someone is being born right now.  And now.  And now.  Someone is dying right now.  And right now.  And now.  Inside of me, new cells are forming, and old ones are dying and being sloughed off or reabsorbed.  All energy, all life is in a constant state of being transformed.  Life and death, as we call them, are really just transformation.  Nothing is really born and nothing really dies.  It just transforms from one kind of energy to another.  This is the miracle of life.  Each baby that is born is a miracle, and each person who dies is too.  It's all so sacred.  




Sadness.  Anger.  Joy.  Anxiety.  Contentment.  All can exist within us at the same time, and all are valid and needed.  We must experience all aspects of our existence, not just the ones we label as good or acceptable.  Sorrow needs our acknowledgment just as much as Joy does.  We can pay attention to Anger without neglecting Delight.  We can love the discomfort, and we can embrace the longing.  We can let go of what we think should be, and recognize that everything is what it is supposed to be.  Everything is perfect just as it is, and every experience is an opportunity to grow and transform.     



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